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What’s a Southern, Creative Blog?

This started as a simple conversation between my mom and myself. She was exploring blogs, reading, writing, etc. I was lamenting on how I didn’t want personal stuff on my professional art blog but I couldn’t seem to keep another blog going on my own. The light bulb went off and we started brainstorming about doing a blog together. My oldest daughter also had dabbled in blog writing so we discussed the three of us collaborating.

So what did three women from three different generations have in common? What would our blog be about? Well…the answer was obvious…us! Our common thread, besides being related, was our Southerness. We all lived in the South and loved our Southern lives.

Ironically, when we began planning this in early 2016, I was living in Texas, Jessica was living in Georgia and Catherine was living in North Carolina. Then life hit and after 20 years in Texas, my husband was offered a job he couldn’t refuse in Virginia and, literally as a I write this, Jessica and her family are on their way to Texas.

So even though our geographic locations have changed, we are still three Southern women, living in the South (although my South is debatable, more on that later!) still creating and living. We’ve got stories to share, food to cook, gardens to plant and things to make. We hope you’ll join us on our journey and share with our creative Southern lives!


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