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Remembering the Story

Lorena, High School graduation, 1942

I visited my grandmother, Lorena aka Nanny, last weekend and one of our projects was to go through some scrapbooking photos and memoribilia I found at my house. I wasn’t sure why I had this box that was clearly full of her very old photos. After getting together and finding scrapbooks we had already worked on, I quickly realized this was a project started almost 15 years ago that we both had forgotten about.

My mom (Catherine) drove down to join us for the day and brought some of her supplies to join in. She and I are avid scrapbookers with an assortment of scrapbooks from some filled with decorative paper and stickers, some created digitally and printed. We love recording our memories, creating the books and sharing them with our families.

Lorena as a baby

As mom and I started setting up and pulling out paper, adhesives, etc, my grandmother started looking at the photos. There were 3 headshots of a young gentleman (not my grandfather) and she started telling us about how he was her first boyfriend. She was around 13 or 14 and her mom didn’t want her to go on a date. But she was ok with them going to see a movie in the morning in town. So they went to the theater to see Gone With the Wind. Um…not a revival…the actual Gone with the Wind…!!!

My mom and I looked at each other over our pile of supplies and started packing it all up. We left out a pencil and a notepad. I started furiously writing as my grandmother was talking and mom grabbed her tablet to subtly record her. We both realized in that instant that we already had the photos, many of them labeled, but we didn’t have the stories.

I brought the photos and albums back home with me. I’ll arrange them all in a pleasing way, put the lovely paper down, put the pages in beautiful albums…and then I’m going straight back to Nanny’s for more stories…as many as she’ll tell me!

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