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Looking Forward to 2018

This year I have some very specific things I really want to get done. I think it is keeping me grounded and not as  ‘lofty’ this year. Here is what 2018 looks like.

Although my intention is to be more focused this year. I’m still struggling with how to track and keep focused on my goals. My husband suggests Trello, I keep trying paper planners, I have either not found what clicks or I haven’t figured how to make myself ‘click’ with a method. This is what I’m exploring in January and will hopefully have it nailed down before February begins!

2018 Priorities & Goals

Word of the Year: Reduce – My stuff, my body, my distractions


Work on a deeper connection with my faith.

Morning prayer/meditate before beginning day
Prayer/gratitude journal

Reconnecting to Faith
Inspirational readings – 1/quarter
Want to start reading the bible again but not sure how. Explore this further in the year.


Keep time and attention on my family as a high priority.

Weekly time (game/movies/etc)

Child still at home
Talk times
Gluten free cookbook (she has Celiac and is going to college in a year. This will be a book on our recipes/meals for her to take with her.)

Child in Texas (easy to guess who this is!)
Bi-Weekly check in

Child off at College
Weekly check in (I’ve been getting phone calls lately. I’ll take a text too!)

Mom (guess who!)
Bi-Weekly calls
2 visits in NC

Weekday calls (This a habit I started several years ago when commuting to grad school. She got used to them so they can’t stop. At almost 93, I’m grateful to be able to still have her to call!)
2 visits in NC


Improve my physical health dramatically while continuing to foster my intellectual health through reading, learning and writing.

Lose minimum of 20 lbs
Exercise 5x/week – strength & cardio
Try 1 new vegetable-based recipe/wk 

Personal Enrichment
12 Non Fiction Books (4 will be faith/spiritual)
12 Fiction Books
1 video/ebook/etc from bundles per week 

Dixie Inspirations (yes, Dixie is enriching to me, not a business…maybe one day)
Weekly posts – 52 total
Work through Blogger bundle (combine this with PE)


Reduce our household physical size while ensuring routines run smoothly. Continue to advance our finances towards retirement.

Weekly Menu Planning
Cleaning Schedule

Cooking (I kept bouncing back and forth on whether to call this Self or Home because a lot of the food explorations are just for me, but my husband’s diet needs some improvement so I putting it here instead.)
Trim Healthy Mama
Instant Pot

Family recipes online 1/wk – 52 total (I’ve started typing frequently made recipes into a Google Drive so my kids (and me) can access them.)
Dining out spreadsheet (My son the foodie started this. He lists and rates restaurants from places he’s been.)
Digitize as much as possible

Reduce My Old Artwork & Kids Artwork (This sounds terrible but I’ve been doing art my whole life and my kids went through a lot of the classes I taught. There is a LOT of old artwork in this house!)
Google Albums
Save for Mom/Kids


Get work (my out of home part-time job) organized and structured. For my art goals, see I’ll post over at my Art Blog.

Finish lesson plans
Finish new lessons (VA Regions, Worms)
Clean and file
Education webpage outline
Procedure manual?

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