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Looking Back at 2017…

I am definitely a planning, resolution-making, goal-setting type of person. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. I look back at the Resolutions I made the year before and the Goals I set for myself and see how I did. Then I look forward and decide what I want to explore and accomplish in the coming new year.

Normally, I like to get a little lofty with my Resolutions. They are my way up there lofty goals that I don’t beat myself up for not completing. Shortly after the Resolutions I make more realistic Goals that cover the resolutions and other goals for the year.

As usual, I started off strong in 2017 but in May I started a new part-time job. That slowed down all my progress at home and in my art studio. I mostly adjusted by fall and got back into the groove a little.

Here is  2017 along with my mid and end year recap:

Lose 50 lbs – This MUST be done

  • Increase activity
  • Don’t get too hungry
  • Base diet mainly on plants

6/14 – Losing slowly only 3-4 lbs, haven’t lost 5 lbs yet; considering rejoining WW

12/27  – Lost 10 ; Ran as low as 12 lbs but mainly right at the 10 lb mark. Definitely too slow. (Did WW late summer & fall; not very successful; didn’t track). High activity seems to work the best.

Explore my love of cultural foods

  • 1 country/cuisine per month
  • 15 recipes minimum (5 breakfast/appetizers/5 lunch/5 dinners – also sides)

6/14 – Did Italian and Japanese; got stuck on Japanese b/c I love their soups too much. Harder now that I’m working b/c most of my explorations were at lunchtime. Will pick up Thai soon but 1 per month isn’t feasible anymore

12/27 – Still didn’t explore anymore. Wanted to do Thai & Indian. Will continue this next year.

Read Bible

  • Goal from 2015 – get back to it!

6/14 – Haven’t even taken it off the shelf. Need some spirituality in my life so need to do this or start reading some faith-based books

12/27 – Nope

Book Goal

  • 24 non-fiction (2/mo)
  • 24 fiction

(originally set these at 12 each but was reading a lot the first couple of months and upped the goal)

6/14 – 12 F – on track! 7 NF – behind a little but not too bad

12/30 – 19 F – Little short; 13 NF – Short. Should have stuck to my original goal of 12 each.


  • Recipes
  • Paperwork

6/14 – Heck yeah on the paperwork! Husband and I both worked on it and cleaned out every file. Recycled a ton and I labeled & filed everything. Recipes – not so much, I guess I can focus on this for the 2nd half of the year. Still struggling with the how of this one.

12/27 – Recipes – I’ve started putting my common recipes into Google Drive. Will continue this in 2018.

Word of the Year: Amazing – yes it was!

I was going to include 2018 in this post but the combination of the two got long! I’ll share that in my next post.

How did your 2017 go?

Printed calendar page in the photo is from The Scattered Squirrel.


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