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Last Day of Freedom

I’m losing my freedom? That sounds very dramatic. No, I’m not getting ready to be incarcerated and (at this writing) our country has not been invaded or taken over from within. I’m starting a part-time job tomorrow.

Yes, a J-O-B, with a desk and a paycheck and (somewhat) regular hours. Why? Has my art business failed? Am I done blogging? Am I giving up? None of the above. I just need a little income that I can count on from week to week.

Does this bother me, no, not really. In Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose she talks about a Good Enough Job. Basically a job that provides the income to do all of my many interests. This job will give me the freedom to continue to do art, blog and pursue my hobbies as well.(By the way, if you have a LOT of interests like me, you NEED to read this book!)

Wait…the title is “Last Day of Freedom” why did I just say this job would GIVE me freedom? This is the last day of being scattered and unfocused. The loss of freedom to not follow my priorities, list or schedule.  Complete freedom sometimes be a distraction from your true purpose.

Freedom = Distractions

I spend waaayy too much time chasing rabbits on the web. It all starts innocently, I

too much freedom
Too Much Freedom

’m looking up information I need or shopping for a gift. Two hours later I may or may not have accomplished what I started to do but I’ve also killed a bunch of potentially productive time looking up random ideas. The same type of thing happens when I head out to do errands. I have a list but other stores just look so interesting!

Don’t get me wrong, I do accomplish a fair amount most days. Work gets done, my family gets fed, there is usually some house cleaning involved, but it’s all very sporadic. From the time I get up (around 6:15am) until I pick up my daughter from school (4ish) I only interact with my family for about a half hour in the morning. The rest of that time is unscheduled (even when I try!) and loosely productive.


During the past couple of weeks that I’ve known about my start date, I’ve worked towards getting more scheduled and ready to be back in the work force. I watched Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Evenings knowing that the key to starting a good day begins the night before. My bedtime routine hasn’t been perfect but I’m getting closer and I’m getting into a routine of what I need to do before I head to bed.

I already have some habits in the morning that will just shift to accommodate getting showered and heading to work. My biggest ‘loss of freedom’ will be the two days I’m not at work. My instinct will be that I’m ‘off’ and I know I’ll feel the pull of web-surfing and good-book reading or over-erranding. How will I fight this? I’m not totally sure yet.

First, I’ll start with my good ol’ priority lists and to-do lists and Trello boards. From there, I’ll depend a bit on my desire to see my art succeed. In between all that I’ll continue to read and learn how other women handle ‘it all.’ What do you do?

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