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GG: Politics

Welcome to Gen Gap where we discuss current issues from different generational perspectives. This week’s topic is Politics.

It used to be considered impolite to discuss certain topics, politics being one of those. With the current political climate and the widespread use of social media, that seems to be changing. How do you feel about publicly discussing or posting political views?

Catherine says…

…my grandmother taught my mother and then the two of them taught me that there are three things you never discuss:  politics, religion and sex.  So, I am very careful in discussing these three topics.

Most people do not realize that politics is a matter of opinion. There is no reliable, accurate source for the facts, so, it has to be all opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Where it gets tricky and aggravating is when people get hostile and mean in trying to change your opinion.

Accept the fact that politics is not an exact science. The truth of what goes on from a local to federal level will not ever be totally available. Accept that people have opinions and shouting out yours does not make you right.

Charlotte says…

…while I learned that politics, religion and sex is not a polite conversation topic, I do love to discuss/debate in an appropriate setting. My idea of appropriate is among friends who believe, like I do, that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that it is just that…an opinion. Good discussion can be stimulating, not hateful or divisive.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that type of conversation going on anymore. Social media has turned everyone’s phone/tablet/computer into the conversation lounge and many people forget that. The venom that spewed off some of my friends’ feeds during and after the election was shocking. It was not about having a discussion or sharing an opinion, it was a hateful attack on anyone who may think differently from them. I took the view that if they felt comfortable enough to say that on social media, they would have no problem saying that in my living room…and then I promptly unfriended/unfollowed them. I love a good discussion but I don’t have space in my life for hateful rhetoric.

Jessica says…

…politics. One of the few words that can actually make me shudder. Not because of its definition, but because of its use in conversation these days. My generation is one that loves to go against the grain. To me this means going against what I have been taught as a southern woman. There are just three things you do NOT discuss at the dinner table and they are religion, politics, and sex. Now I don’t take “dinner table” literally, I believe they should be three things you don’t discuss unless it is purposely premeditated by all parties.

It seems though, that millennials ONLY talk about these subjects as if there is not much more to talk about! If I scroll my Facebook at any point during the day a good 75% of what I see is one of those three topics being debated. After all, we are the generation of memes!

I think it is healthy to have a good understanding of where you stand on each topic, however, goodness people keep it down! People are losing relationships over this crazy trend to be so attacking and showy about politics, religion, and sex. There are surely much more tactful ways to express opinions. Unfortunately with today’s social media capabilities, we have bred some incredible keyboard warriors (insert eye roll here) so I have a feeling we will only see more and more of this trend.

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