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GG: Blogging

Welcome to Gen Gap where we discuss current issues from different generational perspectives. This week’s topic is Blogging.

What is the purpose of blogging? What types of blogs do you read? Why do you want to blog?

Catherine says… 

…I feel that blogging should be used to educate. These are the types of blogs I read.  I am a very private person, so, reading about someone’s personal life seems a violation of their privacy to me; like I’m sneaking a peek in their diary.

I want to blog to help people learn about subjects in a quick, short method.  There is a lot to be learned without reading a thick book or having to scan the internet to find an answer where someone is not trying to sell you something first.

Blogs can give you a different perspective on things.  You can look at things from a different point of view and be more open to others.

(Catherine also covered this topic recently on her Business site.)

Charlotte says…

…for me the purpose of blogging is to share information. I’ve looked to blogs for recipes, art instruction, business help and just pure entertainment. I read city planning blogs in grad school and mommy blogs when my kids were younger. Now I read art blogs and lifestyle blogs.

I love that you can tell your story and connect with others through their stories with blogs. It is so much deeper than a Facebook post or Tweet. I want to blog to share what I’ve learned as well as a bit about me. The bloggers I’ve followed the longest not only teach me something but also make me feel like I have a relationship with them. Liket one day we meet up for coffee and start chatting right where I left off reading. That is the type of engagement I’m want to create with my blogging.

Jessica says…

…the push behind my blogging is to inspire. I also want to relate to other women by giving them a peek into my daily adventures, struggles, and creations. From parenting to crafting to southern life here in Texas I have so many outlets to be able to relate to women.

Reading other lifestyle blogs helps me know I am normal in my struggles and triumphs so I want to give back to my readers in the same way. I want them to feel like they know me on a personal level and are a part of my crazy world. I love reading other lifestyle blogs for style advice, recipes, DIY ideas, and most importantly motivation in life.

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