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Kid-Friendly Foods

…or a guaranteed way to make your kid an unhealthy, picky eater. In one of my local ladies’ groups on Facebook put a call out the other day for donations to a local shelter. They had an influx of families and needed “kid-friendly” foods such as chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, corn dogs…you get the idea. Reading… Read More Kid-Friendly Foods

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GG: Blogging

Welcome to Gen Gap where we discuss current issues from different generational perspectives. This week’s topic is Blogging. What is the purpose of blogging? What types of blogs do you read? Why do you want to blog? Catherine says…  …I feel that blogging should be used to educate. These are the types of blogs I… Read More GG: Blogging

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Last Day of Freedom

I’m losing my freedom? That sounds very dramatic. No, I’m not getting ready to be incarcerated and (at this writing) our country has not been invaded or taken over from within. I’m starting a part-time job tomorrow. Yes, a J-O-B, with a desk and a paycheck and (somewhat) regular hours. Why? Has my art business… Read More Last Day of Freedom