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15 Days to a Healthier You

Last January, in my usual “New Year Resolution” style, I signed up for an online program with Crystal Paine (founder of This program was 15 Days to a Healthier You. The course was not quite what I expected, it was way better! It took a holistic approach at health, not just physical. The down-side was it was delivered mainly through a closed Facebook group which closed about 2 weeks after the course ended.

Crystal has relaunched 15 Days to a Healthier You and turned it into a full course. I’m excited because it is now a part of her lineup of online courses and it will be self-paced instead of everyone trying to stay on track for the 15 days. I’m so excited about it that I bought the full-length program even though I have already done the previous version. Yes, it was that good!

In fact, here’s a snapshot of how I felt at the close of the course:

This is from Crystal’s launch page for the new course. Yes, that is my 15 seconds of fame right there!

When you purchase this 15-day course, you’ll get immediate access to …

  • 15 daily videos lessons — one for each day of the course.
  • Daily projects to help you on your own journey to live a healthier life.
  • Some of my favorite recommended resources (links, books, podcasts) to go along with each day’s lesson.
  • A PDF workbook including the entire course lessons that you can download and print.
  • Access to the 15 Days to a Healthier You Facebook group!
  • BONUS access to the original 15 Days to a Healthier You video series!

I HIGHLY recommend taking this course. Today (11/8/17) only the launch price is $5, tomorrow, Thursday, it will be $10 and Friday it will go up to the regular price of $15. I’ve already paid my $5. For the price of your latte, you get a fantastic course that will help set you on a path to overall wellness.

Sign up here —> 15 Days to a Healthier YOU

Disclaimer: Dixie Inspirations is an affiliate of Crystal Paine and Money Saving Mom BUT we do not promote anything we don’t fully believe in. I’ve essentially bought this course TWICE. That’s how much I love it and gained from it the first time!

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